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The SHOE STRIP™ is a clear see-through case that will be used to store shoes instead of the regular shoe box. The SHOE STRIP™ not only stores shoes it can be used to carry all kinds of personal items. The SHOE STRIP™ is clear so you can see your shoes and can be used at ballparks and places you need a clear case/bag. The SHOE STRIP™ is shaped like a pair of shoes side by side and has a curved shape and has many functions.

  • No bulky shoe boxes, replacing the shoe box serves a much better use.
  • Used by men, women, and children to carry other items besides shoes.
  • Storing shoes in a suitcase, gym bag, overnight bag etc. your shoes will not get your clothes and the inside of your bag dirty.
  • Used to store shoes more efficiently in the closet and can be hung up to keep shoes from getting dusty and creates more floor space.
  • Environment friendly, no more paper boxes.
  • New inventive way to market my new shoe line SPEED-OF-CHOICE™.
  • Creates more shelves & storage space for retailers, boxes take a lot of space.
  • Shaped like a pair of shoes side by side with a nice unique design.
  •  Made of clear material you can see what pair of shoes you want to wear without opening a box.
  •  Great for carrying your shoes to the gym with a few other items.
  • Shoulder strap with a plastic buckle and adjustment to adjust the strap to a bigger or smaller size.
  • Pass security checks at stadiums and public events

The SHOE STRIP™ will be the new era in packaging shoes for our future generations.

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Fits Sneakers 6-9 S/M, Fits Sneakers 10-13 L/XL


Pack of 1, Pack of 10, Pack of 5


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